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(A tribute to all Software Engineers !!! ) 

Apne Project ke bojh tale daba jaa raha hai, 

Wo dekho ek Software engineer ja raha hai, 

zindagi se hara hua hai, par “Bugs” se haar nahi maanta, 

Apne application ki ek ek line ise rati hui hai, 

par aaj kaun se rang ke moje pehne hain , ye nahi janata, 

din par din ek excel file banta ja raha hai 

Wo dekho ek Software engineer ja raha hai, 

das hazaar line ke code main error dhoond lete hain lekin, 

majboor dost ki ankhon ki nami dikhayi nahi deti, 

pc pe hazaar windows khuli hain, par dil ki khidki pe koi dastak sunayi nahi deti, 

satuday-sunday nahata nahi, week days ko naha raha hai, 

Wo dekho ek Software engineer ja raha hai, 

Coding karte karte pata hi nahi chala, bugs ki priority kab maa-baap se high ho gayi, 

kitabon main gulab rakhne wala , cigerette ke dhuyen main kho gaya, 

dil ki zameen se armaanon ki vidayi ho gayi, 

weekends pe daroo peke jo jashna mana raha hai, 

Wo dekho ek Software engineer ja raha hai, 

maze lena ho iske to pooch lo, 

“Salary Increment” ki party kab dila rahe ho, 

hansi udana ho to pooch lo, 

“Onsite” kab ja rahe ho? 

wo dekho onsite se laute team-mate ki chocolates kha raha hai, 

Wo dekho ek Software engineer ja raha hai, 

kharche badh rahe hain, baal kam ho rahe hain, 

Appraisal ki date aati nahi, Income Tax ke sitam ho rahe hain, 

lo phir se bus choot gayi, Auto se aa raha hai, 

Wo dekho ek Software engineer ja raha hai, 

Pizza gale se nahi utarta, to “Coke” ke sahare nigal liya jata hai, 

office ki “Thali” dekh munh hai bigadta, 

maa ke hath ka wo khana har baar roz hai yaad aata, 

“Sprout bhel” bani hai phir bhi, free “Evening Snacks” kha raha hai, 

Wo dekho ek Software engineer ja raha hai, 

aapne ab tak li hongi bahut si chutikiya, 

Software engg. ke jivan ka sach batati ye akhri kuch panktiyan, 

hazaron ki tankhwah wala, company ki karodon ki jeb bharta hai, 

software engg. wahi ban sakta hai, jo lohe ka jigar rakhta hai, 

hum log jee jee ke marte hain , zindagi hai kuch aisi, 

ek fauj ki naukri, doosri software engg. ki , dono ek jaisi, 

is kavita ka har shabd dil ki gehrayi se aa raha hai, 



Wo dekho ek Software engineer ja raha hai.


This piece of poetry is copied by me.

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From Kollam to Kanpur

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Like last year, this year also my team ( including me, Paddy and ASP ) decided to participate in ACM ICPC. Next thing to be decided was which regional to participate at. Usually ACM ICPC regionals in India are in parallel with our university exams but we were lucky last year.

This year, ACM ICPC regional IIT Kanpur is scheduled for 15-16 December and Amritapuri’s regional is on 5-6 December.

Normally theory exams of final year students are in second half of december, so we decided to participate at Amritapuri’s regional. Earlier it was scheduled for 29-30 November, but later postponed to 5-6 December.

Amritapuri’s online contest was at 0930 IST on 2nd November.

Venue of participation was my room but later shifted to ASP’s room. Contest was for 4 hrs consisting of 4 problems. First question that we attempted was about finding a number Y for a given number X such that Y*rev(Y)=X. Our first approach timed out. Before our next attempt, MSEB interrupted. We switched to UC’s laptop. After applying a different approach with some pruning to the same problem we moved onto next. Next problem was finding number of elements in all sub-subsets. We solved it and were waiting for MSEB’s signal to submit both the problems :). It was 1300 and we decided to go to cybercafe to submit both the codes. I and Paddy went to Wadi and submit the codes. The system responded ( positively 🙂 ) to only the second problem’s submission as results were frozen in last 45 minutes of contest.We were happy after solving one of the problems correctly.

Result was announced on 5th November. Our team’s name was on top 🙂 ( the list was ordered randomly 😉 ).

Now fate of our trip to Kollam was on PU. PU responded very strangely. Our exams are starting from 26th November and will be over on 12th December.

It was night of 7th November and Kanpur regional’s online contest was scheduled next morning. We were discussing what to do next. Last date for registration at IIT Kanpur was 31 October. We still decided to send an email to organising comittee IIT Kanpur to consider our case.

Our request was forwaded to regional contest Director at IIT Kanpur, who considered it positively.

We received their email containing login and password for online contest at 0904 hrs IST i.e 26 minutes before the contest. Paddy checked his inbox at about 1000 hrs, informed me about it and started solving the problems as MSEB’s cut was scheduled for 1145 hrs. I was not in hostel at that time. I reached Paddy’s room at about 1115 hrs. He solved and submitted 2 problems. Our codes were not being judged during the contest. Judgement was to be carried out later.

On 12th November, first list of selected teams was displayed and our name was third from top ( this list was also in random order 🙂 ).

Today is 18 November and we all are preparing for ACM ICPC regional and our university examz.

Hope to perform well in both.

Will be writing again after coming back from Kanpur ;)…………..

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SRM 423

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For those who are not familiar with TopCoder SRMs, please visit to know more about SRMs.

SRM 423 was scheduled today at 1730 IST.

Prior to SRM 423 was a chat session with Psyho. I was amazed to know that he actually started programming at 22 and is now red at 25.

Coming to SRM, I was assigned Room 41 in Div 2.

I started with 250 pointer. It was straight forward as usual, but I took longer time than my average to code correctly at 233.74. I can blame lack of practice during last few weeks for that.

Then I moved onto 500 pointer. My first code passed all the test cases except one. I tried to solve it on paper but my solution on paper was not different from my code. So I started considering all possible ways to solve and then realized what I was missing. Finally after passing all the test cases,I submitted it for 385.87.

I was feeling good after solving both 250 and 500 within 25 minutes.

1000 pointer was easier than usual so code was worth 900 points. I took about about 23 minutes to code it. after submitting it for 589.45, visited room’s summary. I was at the top. As there were 9 green coders in my room and none had submitted 900 pointer, I was in doubt for it reaching and passing system tests.

Challenge phase started at 1850 IST. I opened a 500 pointer which was submitted in last few minutes of coding phase.Took about 7 minutes to figure out that he was applying a brute force to find the solution. I challenged it and +50 :).

Then I tried few other 500 pointers too but was not able to figure out any bug. Few minutes later someone sucessfully challenged my 900 pointer :(. Rest of the challenge phase was silent.

I was happy when finally both of my remaning codes passed system tests.

Finally I was ranked 3rd in room and 86th in division.

Overall a good SRM after many days resulting +100 to my points :).

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Hello world!

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Hi !

This is my first post, so very confused where to start with. Thinking that I am the best subject to start with 😉

Currently I am a final year engineering student at University of Pune.

I love algorithms, programming, solving puzzles and playing chess.

to be continued………..

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